OpenCart CSRF - User Account Takeover Jan 25 2017 12:35PM
Open Security (open opensecurity ca)
===[ Introduction ]===

OpenCart is a free open source ecommerce platform for online merchants.
OpenCart provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to
build a successful online store.

===[ Description ]===

There is a security vulnerability in OpenCart which allows a
hacker to break into a customer account.
The bug exists in "My Account Information" page. The form is not protected
with a token id, so a hacker can change user's information silently.
A demonstrative video for this vulnerability can be found here :

===[ Timeline ]===

[17/01/2017] - Email was sent to the vendor's support desk (request #100298)
[19/01/2017] - Vendor asked to send the vulnerability to the Github
[19/01/2017] - Vulnerability was reported to the Github repository
[20/01/2017] - Vendor's staff replied that he knew about this
vulnerability for years
[25/01/2017] - Public disclosure

===[ Credits ]===

Vulnerability has been discovered by Omid @ Open Security.

===[ References ]===

Open Security :

Original Advisory :

POC Video :

[ reply ]


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