xorg server 6.8.2 and below on 64bit arch Jan 08 2006 03:26PM
serj varna net
This might be nothing or might be something comment please! My system is 64bit turion with 64 bit ubuntu on top. On this machine long = void* = 8 bytes. On a 32 bit arch long = void* = 4 bytes.
Great now lets have look on this.

typedef struct {
int type;
unsigned long serial;
Bool send_event;
Display *display;
Window window;
Atom message_type;
int format;
union {
char b[20];
short s[10];
long l[5];
} data;
} XClientMessageEvent;

struct taken from the man page (the same lays into Xlib.h) , which later says: "The format member is set to 8, 16, or 32 and specifies whether the data should be viewed as a list of bytes, shorts, or longs."

1) if i choose to pass a long through this msg the X server is gonna screw it up. On the other end all i am gonna recieve is 0xffffffff+theotherhalf
I don't know what you think but i think on a 64 bit arch it could be used to crash an app atleast.
2) From the union 5*8 = 40 != 20 therefor XClientMessageEvent is 20 bytes LONGER on a 64 bit arch than on 32 bit.

Again comment pls as i spot some more code like this in Xlib.h

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