PEHEPE Membership Management System Multiple Vulnerabilities Feb 28 2006 11:08PM
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- Advisory: PEHEPE Membership Management System Multiple Vulnerabilities
- Author: Yunus Emre Yilmaz -- mail[at]yunusemreyilmaz(dot)com

- Application: PEHEPE MemberShip Management System (İK3)
- Affected Version : v3 ( maybe older versions..)
- Risk : Critical

-- Details[0] : XSS Vulnerability
An attacker can manupulate the value of $kul_adi, if s/he opens sol_menu.php directly.
Sol_menu.php is an included page, but the attacker can access it directly. So, the value of $kul_adi
can be changed from the address bar.

-- Proof of Concept:

-- Details[1] :Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
There is a "require" command in sol_menu.php. The attacker can bypass the constant UYE_SEVIYE using a , querystring like "misafir[]=UYE_SEVIYE". So the remote code is executing. As a result, the attacker can change the value of the first parameter of the require function which is named as uye_klasor.(dir for remote url)

-- Proof Of Concept:

-- Note : For using these vulnerabilities, register_globals must be on.

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