Genius VideoCAM NB Local Privilege Escalation Mar 28 2006 06:34AM
beford (xbefordx gmail com)
Software Vulnerable

Genius VideoCAM NB Driver

Other genius webcams with the same 'snapshot feature' might be
affected with the same issue, if you have any of those please try to
reproduce this issue.

Affects: Windows XP / Windows 2000

Proof of concept (omg leet)


This vuln is very similar to MS04-019 [1] , when you press the
snapshot button on the webcam to take a picture, the snapshot viewer
window appears, the problem is that this application is running with
SYSTEM privileges,so you click file/save as, in the save as dialog you
browse to X:\windows\system32\, type *.exe in the file name, then just
right click and select open, a new shell with SYSTEM privileges
appears. As you can see on the screenshot, there are two cmd.exe
shells, one of those was started through the Run dialog, and the other
through this vuln. To check the user privileges, I used whoami.exe
from W32GnuUtils [2]

[3] (example exploit ms04-019)

Vendor contacted
Vendor Response:

1. Regarding the privilige problem, the limited user only can open the
shell, they can't use another functions.

2. Regarding the privilege probelm, the limited user can open the shell but
can't use the functions provided by shell. It should be reasonable.
Moreover, the VideoCam NB has been phased out, our R&D won't pay more effort
to it unless usage bug.


I'm not sure what they mean with "can't use the functions provided by
shell". You only need to add a new admin user with the net command, or
use pwdump to dump the pw hashes, or just install a backdoor/rootkit.

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