DGbook v1.0 - XSS May 23 2006 12:39AM
luny youfucktard com
DGbook v1.0 - XSS




This is Guestbook script, write on PHP from Dian Gemilang. Feature: Field validation, Limit character, Charecter filtering - This feature will remove "<" and ">" character, so user can't input HTML tag -, Auto Focus - This feature will make user cursor on the first form field - It's easy to install. Requare PHP, MYQL and phpmyadmin for dump the database.

Effected files:

Name, homepage, and address input boxes on index.php

XSS Vuln:

< and > may be filtered however, they are not filtered in the name, homepage and address text boxes. Only in the comment box.

Example of putting html code in the name & address box:

<DIV STYLE="background-image: url(javascript:window.location('http://www.evilsite.com'))">

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