[KAPDA::#44] - NewsCMSLite Login ByPass by Cookie May 24 2006 11:08AM
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[KAPDA::#44] - NewsCMSLite Login ByPass by Cookie Vulnerability

KAPDA New advisory

Vulnerable product : NewsCMSLite

Vendor: http://www.katywhitton.com

Vulnerability: Authentication Flaw in 'newsadmin.asp' Lets Remote User Gain Administrative Access .

Date :


Found : 2006/05/21

Vendor Contacted : N/A

Release Date : 2006/05/24

About NewsCMSLite :


NewsCMSLite is a simple, easy to use and effective Content Management System (CMS).




The 'newsadmin.asp' script grants administrative privileges to the remote user if a certain cookie is set.

A remote user can set a cookie named 'loggedIn' with a value of 'xY1zZoPQ' to gain administrative privileges.



No patch`s released yet by vendor.

Original Advisory:



Credit :


FarhadKey of KAPDA

farhadkey [at} kapda <d0t> net

Kapda - Security Science Researchers Insitute of Iran


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