Re: Sun single-CPU DOS May 24 2006 05:48PM
Mike O'Connor (mjo dojo mi org)
:Beyond netstat -k, you can probably use lockstat or other kernel
:profiling tools as I mentioned in my earlier post to give them a
:good idea of where the bug really is. Interrupt issues aren't
:always going to be cut and dried. There could be some particular
:flavor of IOS, network adapter, media type, CPU, OS, etc. that
:is more prone or less prone to the problem.

One other thought comes to mind is that it could be a particular tty
discipline or STREAMS issue at hand. The -network- may not be as much
of a factor as "how does the particular traffic that ends up displayed
on the telnet client interplay with the OS". I doubt that's the issue
in this particular case, but you never know. I've seen a whole lot of
stranger things...

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