AuditWizard 6.3.2 gives away administrator password Sep 05 2006 07:27PM
Terry Donaldson (tdx14145 yahoo com)
I found that AuditWizard 6.3.2 by Layton Technologies
is leaving the domain administrator password in the
logfiles of machines that it audits if you use the
Remote Audit feature.

I've contacted them but they have yet to produce a
fix. They have acknowledged the problem but according
to their tech support, "upper management" has decided
not to publish any information about the problem on
their website.

Here's what the C:\LaytonCmdSvc.log contains on many
of my systems:

Layton Remote Command Process started
Logon with the following credentials User:
administrator Domain: ippc Password: <removed>
Logged on ok
LogonUser Successful
Command Executed is : "\\Coors\audit\Scan\Scan32.exe"

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