Rediff Bol Downloader Allows Downloading and Spawning Arbitary Files Dec 31 2006 07:48AM
gregory_panakkal (gregory_panakkal fastmail fm)
Rediff Bol Downloader Allows Downloading and Spawning Arbitary Files

Affected Program : Rediff Bol Download ActiveX
ActiveX (OCX) Control that downloads the Rediff Bol Messenger
setup and spawns it.

Related URL :

Discovered by : Gregory R. Panakkal

Vulnerability Description :

Rediff Bol Downloader ActiveX control allows any webpage
to download and spawn file. These file can be of any type.
No filtering is done.

IE Displays an alert, if the code points to a executable file on the
internet. But execution of local files displays no alert.

Tested On :
* IE 7.0.5730.11 (WinXP SP2)
* IE 6.0.2900.2180 (WinXP SP2)

Proof Of Concept:

[OBJECT id="rboldwn" WIDTH=445 HEIGHT=40

[script language="vbscript"]
rboldwn.url = "file://C:/WINNT/Notepad.exe"
rboldwn.fontsize = 14
rboldwn.barcolor = EE4E00
rboldwn.start = "start"

A variation of this, allows downloading a HTML File that can
disclose the path to the local temporary internet files folder.
It can disclose the Logged in User's username. A typical path to
Temporary Internet Files folder is..
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet

Online Info + Demo:

Gregory R. Panakkal

gregory_panakkal (at) fastmail (dot) fm [email concealed]

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