Packeteer PacketWise CLI overflow DoS Jan 08 2007 11:10AM
kian mohageri gmail com
Product: Packeteer PacketShaper
Model: 9500/ISP
Software: PacketWise 8.x (possibly others)


Packeteer creates bandwidth management solutions such as the PacketShaper which "is the ultimate scalable platform for optimized WAN application performance?the only all-in-one solution for extending monitoring, shaping, acceleration and compression as well as centralized reporting and management across the distributed enterprise."


The Packeteer PacketShaper appears to be vulnerable to a buffer overflow which can be triggered by a valid command followed by a long argument (around 1500 bytes).

# class show /Inbound/AAAAA...

There appear to be other places where such behavior can be seen, e.g. via the web interface:


Both of these examples require either "look" or "touch" access to the device.


The watchdog timer will trigger a unit reset/reboot, which takes around 30 seconds. If there is no bypass mechanism in place (e.g. fiber bypass switch), service will be interrupted.

Packeteer has not responded to the initial reports.

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