Cold Fusion Web Server XSS 0 day Feb 05 2007 12:26AM
digi7al64 gmail com
Title: Cold Fusion Web Server XSS 0 day
Own3d by: digi7al64
thx: WhiteAcid
About: Default settings in Cold Fusion server ensure it returns a standardized error page whenever a exception occurs (404,500 etc). This page then echos the user agent, ip and referer back to the user for debugging purposes. Unfortunately though, whilst the referer is encoded to stop xss, the user agent isn't. Hence spoofing of the user agent allows xss to be performed.
Googledork: intitle:Error Occurred While Processing Request.

POC (IE6/IE7 only - can't spoof headers in FF or Opera with flash):

**Make sure you change to target url for POC to work**

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