Re: Re: SYMSA-2007-002: Palm OS Treo Find Feature System Password Bypass Feb 22 2007 02:58AM
chgsupra1 aol com
You can view only a prefix or header of the memo/document/calendar...etc, but not the complete content. The edit/paste feature is only for the Find window. There is no short cut to open and view the contents of a document/memo...etc, when the phone is locked.

I can understand why Palm does not want to fix it. This is my opinion, it stems from feature richness: The initial state the phone is lock and then you received a call, then it provides the user the ability to search for contact/number/meeting/memo...etc (header/prefix only). If this Find feature is blocked, then user would have to hang-up the call and unlock the phone to retrieve the info, then call the user back. I have run into this situation on many occasion, since I did not know of Find feature can be used in this mode.

The SecurityLockFindFix.prc is available to block the Find feature, but for the non-security minded person flexibility may overshadow security, but that is a personal matter. There is no personal choice when the Palm Treo is corporate own, so the fix should be applied.

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