Photostand_1.2.0 Multiple Cross Site Scripting Feb 24 2007 10:11AM
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Photostand_1.2.0 Multiple Cross Site Scripting
Vendor site :
Global risk : medium


+ Permanents

Message & name fields are vulnerable to xss attacks. This kind of xss
are pretty dangerous,because anyone who see the page gone get his cookie
stolen and sended to the attackers

+ Non Permanant


Full Path Disclorure -

"PHPSESSID='" will returns the full path of the file.

GET /photostand_1.2.0/ HTTP/1.0
Cookie: PS_STATS_VT=true;PS_STATS_VR=true;PHPSESSID=';style=[blahblah]path=/

/photostand_1.2.0/index.php?page=article&id=' too.

Solutions :


Simon Bonnard
contact : simon.itsecurity - at - gmail - dot- com

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