Re: Php Nuke POST XSS on steroids Mar 11 2007 11:10PM
ascii (ascii katamail com) (1 replies)
Paul Laudanski wrote:
> I tried both your scripts at a few locations, and all I get back is this

hi Paul, long time from ccc : )

it happens because http headers must be on a single line, it's a
formatting issue (my fault, i used to put a link to a plain text
version but this time i forgot about it), i've just created a txt
version of the advisory available here:

it should be more usable, i dunno when the demos will stop working
on so i've asked wisec to upload this video since
has bandwidth issues

obviously to bypass the anti-CSRF filter you have to mix the XSS with
the import_request_variables() trick (this doesn't work on
because they have globals on, this is why i choose that domain)

consider that import_request_variables() will allows you to do much
more than an XSS, this is just an example advisory on an example product

See you,
Francesco `ascii` Ongaro

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Re: Php Nuke POST XSS on steroids Mar 13 2007 09:59PM
Paul Laudanski (paul castlecops com)


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