New report on Windows Vista network attack surface Mar 13 2007 11:51PM
Jim Hoagland (jim_hoagland symantec com)


Some of you may be interested in a new report titled "Windows Vista Network
Attack Surface Analysis" by myself, Ollie Whitehouse, Tim Newsham, and Matt
pdf ( )

You might recall that an earlier edition of this report was released last
July covering certain beta builds. This new report is a complete re-test
with the RTM (release) build of Vista. We have also deepened our research
into Teredo, LLTD, Windows Firewall, MS-RPC, and IPv4/IPv6 fragmentation
reassembly. However, it is still a very broad paper covering a large number
of topics.

We hope you find this report interesting or useful.


Jim Hoagland

P.s. Thanks for Oliver Friedrichs and Symantec for allowing us to conduct
this research and to publish it. It was an interesting study.

Jim Hoagland, Ph.D., CISSP
Principal Security Researcher
Advanced Threats Research
Symantec Security Response

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