Predictable TCP ISN in Packeteer PacketShaper May 18 2007 01:36PM
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Predictable TCP ISN in Packeteer PacketShaper

Critical: Less critical
Impact: Connection spoofing, DoS
Where: Local network

Product: Packeteer PacketShaper

Description: The TCP/IP stack of Packeteer PacketShaper is generating predictable initial sequence numbers (ISN): The sequence number is incremented by 128000 per second and by 64000 per connection. (As an example, if the current SYN/ACK ISN is 319104000 then about six seconds later the ISN is likely to be 319936000.) This allows an attacker to spoof connections from trusted clients or launch a DoS attack.

This type of vulnerability has been described over ten years ago in:

* CERT Advisory CA-1995-01

* RFC 1948

The vulnerability has been identified in versions 7.3.0g2 and 7.5.0g1. However, other versions may be also affected.

Restrict network access to the device management interfaces

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