REWTERZ-20070518 - Authentication Bypass in Rational Soft's Hidden Administrator May 18 2007 02:14PM
rewterz security team (advisories rewterz com)
REWTERZ-20070518 - Authentication Bypass in Rational Soft's Hidden Administrator

Release Date:
18 May, 2007

High (Remote Code Execution)

Rational Soft

Software Affected:
Hidden Administrator v1.7 and below

rewterz has discovered a critical vulnerability in Hidden
Administrator. This vulnerability allows a remote attacker to execute
arbitrary code in the context of the user who executed Hidden

Technical Details:
Authentication mechanism of Hidden Administrator can be bypassed with
ease via this vulnerability. With authentication bypassed at the
Hidden Administrator server, any malicious user can cause Hidden
Administrator to run arbitrary code and assume full control of the
system on which Hidden Administrator is running.

We have confirmed the ability to execute arbitrary own code. This is
an authentication bypass vulnerability which can be exploited easily.

Muhammad Ahmed Siddiqui

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