SAP Internet Graphics Server XSS and Heap Overflow Jul 05 2007 03:45PM
NGSSoftware Insight Security Research (mark ngssoftware com)
Name: SAP Internet Graphics Server XSS and Heap Overflow
Release Date: 5 July 2007
Reference: NGS00487
Discover: Mark Litchfield <mark (at) ngssoftware (dot) com [email concealed]>
Vendor: SAP
Vendor Reference: SECRES-288
Systems Affected:
Risk: Medium
Status: Fixed

Discovered: 4 January 2007
Released: 19 January 2007
Approved: 27 January 2007
Reported: 8 January 2007
Fixed: 18 January 2007

The SAP IGS overflow had previously been reported. The fix went out on
the 18th Jan. Despite being reported on the 8th Jan, NGS did not receive
any credit. The advisory that was posted by the other security researcher
can be found at -
See attached note

The XSS issue however is still being treated by SAP as a vulnerability.

Technical Details

Fix Information
Please ensure you have the latest version

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