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Vulnerability Table

1. Firefox Encoded URI Statusbar Spooing Vulnerability

Vulnerability Details

1. Firefox Encoded URI Statusbar Spooing Vulnerability

Firefox is prone to statusbar spoofing, which might be
exploited by malicious attackers to conduct phishing attacks.

Here is the example:


Eleytt - Company Information

Eleytt Corporation is specialized in penetration testing, vulnerability
development, advanced reverse engineering and exploitation techniques.
Eleytt provides various security-related services: risk assessment,
security policy, security assurance, incident management, web
application security testing, continuous security assurance programs.
Eleytt provides security audits for financial institutions and e-commerce.
Eleytt provides an in-depth security analysis - experienced security
experts analyze your source code, analyze your application, analyze your
web application. Eleytt runs security programs for financial institutons
and e-commerce.

We have the mission to improve the security level of software and web
applications. It is us who help you implement more secure applications.
We help you understand the risk and deploy security solutions. We help
you avoid costly business disruptions.

These are the questions, which might help you understand how we work:

Want to get your web site checked for security vulnerabilities?

Your server requires real penetration testing?

Interested in Eleytt Business Continuity Program?

Interested in Eleytt Application Security Program?

For more information, please use:



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