Encryption Weakness in Sun Sun AS 9.0_0.1 (build b02-p01) Aug 22 2007 12:09PM
fred donovannetworks com
Version Tested:
Sun Application Server 9.0_0.1 (build b02-p01)

Technical Description of the vulnerability:
In the process of performing application security testing of software on
Sun box, the Sun Admin Console was used to manipulate/change SSL Ciphers.
Changes to the ORB listeners (SSL and SSL_MutualAuth) via the admin UI did
effectively change them in the software. Upon restarting the
services/domain all of the SSL settings remain with the default - which
enables all protocols and ciphers.
Summary: Despite what is check/unchecked in the SUN admin UI of the
AppServer, it doesn't actually affect the SSL Settings.

Vulnerability: Broken linkage between Sun Admin Console and SSL

Tested using:
Foundstone SSLDigger, SPI Server Analyzer, SSL Diagnostics and WireShark

Fred Donovan, CISSP
Donovan Networks LLC
4701 Innovation Drive
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 323-0730
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