Microsoft Office Publisher Dec 22 2007 05:22AM
jplopezy gmail com
I found two ways to cause a denial of service on the Microsoft Office Publisher, this is done by creating a malformed file with the following characteristics:

The first is to create a new file and modifying hexadicimal with an editor from the direction 00006B90 to 00006D90 with the letter "A", that causes the publisher fails, when you open with a debugger like ollydbg I strip the following exception

Access violation when reading [00000046]

Here I leave the proof of concept


The following causes the crash programme. We make a new file and adds an option to "wordart" inserting many letters "A", we open with a hex editor and change from the direction 000077D0 to 000079B0 with the letter "A".

I leave the proof of concept:


Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian

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