Member Area System (MAS) Remote File Include Vulnerability (view_func.php) Jan 11 2008 11:12AM
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Member Area System (MAS) Remote File Include Vulnerability (view_func.php)


Author: ShipNX <ship_nx [AT] yahoo com>

Impact: Remote file include

Status: Patch not available


Software description:

Name: Member Area System (MAS)

Version: Vendor does not disclose version information since v1.7.

Probably later versions are also vulnerable

Vendor: Mansion Productions

Vendor homepage:

Software homepage:


MAS is a leading content management system (CMS) specially designed

for adult-oriented sites managements. It is used on many major adult

sites around the world.



Code: view_func.php





The variables $i and $l are not properly sanitized

before using them in include() construction.

If Register Globals = On and Allow URL Include (Allow URL Fopen) = On

then an attacker can send the malicious request leading to remote

file include and therefore arbitrary command execution.




Register Globals = On

Allow URL fopen (Allow URL include since PHP 5.2.0) = On


justsomedir/ is required here as data passed via $i first gets sent to dirname() function

which will product


The remote file should be placed at



The vendor is aware of the vuln for ages (probably since 2006) so they

recommend setting up Register Globals = Off. Not sure why they haven't

patched the vuln already. If Register Globals is Off on your server, then

you are more or less secure. If it is On, ask your system administrator

to turn it Off. If for some reason you need Register Globals = On on your

site (using old software etc), then contact the vendor and MAYBE they will

finally patch the bug :-)



Vuln found: Late 2005 :-))

Vendor notified: Seems like the vendor knows of the vuln since 2006, but

for some reason fails to patch the vuln. Maybe they just want it to keep

quiet, or maybe the security matters just don't bother them - not sure.

Anyway, maybe this advisory will finally force them to do patching :-))

Advisory: 11/01/2008


Thanks to:

DeZender creators :-)

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