Microsoft Internet Explorer DoS in Rendering Malicious PNG Files. Sep 17 2008 12:58PM
Aditya K Sood (0kn0ck secniche org)
Microsoft Internet Explorer DoS in Rendering Malicious PNG Files.

*Version Affected:*
IE 7 / IE 8 BETA


Mshtml.dll is a standard library which is responsible for rendering
objects in web pages in Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer 7 is vulnerable to Denial of Service while
handling malicious
PNG files. The IE shows a intrinsic vulnerable response while loading
issue can be exploited by an attacker by letting a victim to visit a
malicious web page
embedded with rogue PNG Files there by leading to denial of service.

The internet explorer unable to render and load the malicious png
image.On further discussion ,
Microsoft team stated that CDwnTaskExec::ThreadExec enters an infinite
loop that that keeps
grabbing task and runs them synchronously.This results in failure in
completion of task.When a
task never completes,or timeouts all subsequent task will be blocked.
IE will fail to load all
subsequent image after an attempt to load the malicious PNG file.

SecNiche confirmed this vulnerability affects Internet Explorer 7 and
Internet Explorer 8 Beta
on the Microsoft Windows XP SP2 platform.The versions tested are:


*Disclosure Timeline:*
April 6,2008 Initial Vendor Notification
April 7,2008 Initial Vendor Response
September 17 ,2008 Release Date.

*Vendor Response:*
Microsoft Acknowledges this vulnerability and "fix" will be
released in the final version of Internet Explorer 8 later this year.

Aditya K Sood

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