n.runs-SA-2008.009 - Eaton MGE OPS Network Shutdown Module - authentication bypass vulnerability and remote code execution Oct 27 2008 03:53PM
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n.runs-SA-2008.009 27-October-2008

Vendor: Eaton MGE office protection systems
Affected Products: Network Shutdown Module version 3.10
Vulnerability: authentication bypass vulnerability and remote code
Risk: High

Vendor communication:

2008/08/13 initial notification of EATON MGE Office Protection
Systems (MGEOPS)
2008/08/20 second notification of MGEOPS
2008/08/20 MGEOPS confirmation of receiving information
2008/08/25 receiving patch proposal from MGEOPS
2008/08/29 confirmation of proper patch, asking of release date
2008/09/02 awaiting feedback regarding release date of the patch
2008/09/18 patch and new version undergoing QA process of MGEOPS
still no release date known
2008/10/07 another request regarding the release date
2008/10/21 MGEOPS informs n.runs AG about release of the new
software version
2008/10/27 n.runs AG releases this advisory

EATON MGE Office Protection Systems designs and manufactures secured
power products and solutions for enterprises, small business and homes.
The Network Shutdown Module continuously wait for information from the
Management Proxy or Management Card connected to the EATON UPS and warns
administrators and users if AC power fails and proceeds with graceful
system shutdown before the end of battery backup power is reached.

Remote exploitation of an authentication bypass vulnerability could
allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code.

In detail, the following flaw was determined:

- Custom actions can be added to the MGE frontend without authentication
required (pane_actionbutton.php)
- Actions can be executed (tested) without authentication required

This problem can lead to a remote file execution vulnerability. It can
allow an attacker to add and execute custom actions. The commands to be
executed are included within the added action.

The vulnerability is present in MGE Network Shutdown Module software
versions prior 3.10 build 13.

EATON MGE Office Protection Systems has issued an update to correct this
vulnerability. A new version of the software (version 3.20) can be found at:

Bug found by Jan Rossmann and Jan Wagner of n.runs AG.

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