Trend Micro OfficeScan Client - DOS Apr 21 2009 02:55PM
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Application: Trend Micro OfficeScan Client for Windows 8.0 sp1

OS: Windows XP


1 - Description

2 - Vulnerability




OfficeScan is a good antivirus that used in many companys.

The problem with this bug is that a bad user can install any virus and the av is crash can not notifies to the admin of av ,also other user can install
irregulars programs, for example a legal program with a crack and if there are a audit the company have a risk that detect ilegal software.



The problem is when the officescan try scan a folders with a long name, this caused that aplication crash. The result varies
depending on the number of chars that you use in the poc.



The poc is a simple code in visual basic that creates many folders with a longs names and after this, the aplication, scans the folder and the av crash.

download here :


Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian

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