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New VB SMTP worm Jan 19 2006 07:42PM
Lawson, Joseph (jsl pqa com) (1 replies)
Re: New VB SMTP worm Jan 21 2006 05:57PM
Toni Koivunen (toni koivunen fitsec com)
the new variant has been dubbed as Nyxem.E by F-Secure, and they also issued
a Radar level 2 alert on it.
It's picking up speed quite nicely. It loads a certain webpage containing a
counter when it starts up. Yesterday F-Secure
reported the counter to be about 400000. At the moment it is over 510000 and
still climbing. What makes it nastier than others is
the destructive payload, activating on 3rd day of every month wiping out
several different document types.
For more info check out:

Toni Koivunen
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Has anyone else seen or heard about this worm?
I actually got first wind of it from a user. The security info was
listed two days ago. Is this just a rehash of old worms?

Joseph Lawson
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Perrin Quarles Associates, Inc.
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