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RE: What should be protected with anti-virus software? Feb 06 2006 04:34PM
Mike (mike superiorholidayadventures ca)
I agree. Just because a server isn't used for e-mail or web browsing,
or isn't sharing files on a network does not mean it isn't vulnerable.
There are many viruses that exploit vulnerable services - Code Red,
Slammer, Blaster, etc.

I believe that every computer that are connected to your network need to
be protected by some form of virus scanner.

Mike Fetherston

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> Has the operations manager ever heard of an old friend called nimda
> perhaps?
> There are a vew nasty viruses which spread across networks via open
> ports.
> Does he keep his servers patched and up to date on service packs?
> Having an AV on a server is usually considered a good practice.
> Mark
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> Subject: What should be protected with anti-virus software?
> Long time reader, but first time poster, so please be gentle ;-).
> I am in the middle of a risk assessment of our current anti-virus
> practice and need a little help.
> I am finding servers without any anti-virus software installed and
> others that are only configured as on-access detection. I am not sure
> the reasoning for not having anti-virus installed or only running
> on-access holds water or is sufficient for today's needs.
> The operations manager believes that not all servers need anti-virus
> software. He believes his application servers are safe because they
> don't receive e-mails and they don't have files that would become
> infected. He also feels his Novell file and print servers are
> sufficiently protect by using on-access detection only.
> Can anyone give me a "best business practice" recommendation or point
> to documentation on what should be protected with anti-virus software
> and why?
> Any help will be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks....
> Larry
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