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Dialer.gzt? Apr 26 2006 06:04PM
Casey DeBerry (cdeberry cobizinc com) (2 replies)
Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 27 2006 10:17AM
Andrei Saygo (asaygo bitdefender com)
Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 26 2006 08:23PM
Axel Pettinger (api worldonline de) (1 replies)
Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 27 2006 06:05AM
Julio Canto (jcanto hispasec com) (1 replies)
Axel Pettinger wrote:
>> Anyone know more about this?
> It's not a virus, it's just a dialer[1]. Some av scanners do not detect
> such programs.
It is malware, and should be detected by an av scanner.

Julio Canto
Hispasec Sistemas
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Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 27 2006 02:47PM
Robert Sandilands (rsandilands authentium com)


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