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Dialer.gzt? Apr 26 2006 06:04PM
Casey DeBerry (cdeberry cobizinc com) (2 replies)
Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 27 2006 10:17AM
Andrei Saygo (asaygo bitdefender com)
Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 26 2006 08:23PM
Axel Pettinger (api worldonline de) (1 replies)
Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 27 2006 06:05AM
Julio Canto (jcanto hispasec com) (1 replies)
Re: Dialer.gzt? Apr 27 2006 02:47PM
Robert Sandilands (rsandilands authentium com)
Hi Julio,

It is not that simple. Depending on the how the dialer behaves it may
actually fall into a legal gray area where lawyers have been making some
good money.

That is the reason why some scanners will not detect all dialers by
default. Some scanners have flags to enable detection of this type of
application, some just don't do it.

Unfortunately the name of a threat is of limited value as it is specific
to one product. This can be a false positive or a threat that is only
detected by a limited amount of scanners for several possible reasons.
Services like can provide some help in troubleshoot
this, but it may also help to submit the sample to several vendors and
see how they respond.

Robert Sandilands

Julio Canto wrote:
> Axel Pettinger wrote:
>>> Anyone know more about this?
>> It's not a virus, it's just a dialer[1]. Some av scanners do not detect
>> such programs.
> It is malware, and should be detected by an av scanner.

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