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RE: Extracting signature snippets from AV databases May 10 2006 05:02PM
Bill Stout (bill stout greenborder com) (2 replies)
RE: Extracting signature snippets from AV databases May 11 2006 01:58AM
Nick FitzGerald (nick virus-l demon co uk)
Re: Extracting signature snippets from AV databases May 10 2006 06:51PM
Kenneth Bechtel (kbechtel teamanti-virus org)
On Wednesday 10 May 2006 01:02 pm, Bill Stout wrote:
> What I'm trying to figure out is how to 'smoke test' new builds, and to
> ethically and fully demonstrate (to the CEO, to outsiders) that the
> protection works. We're in alpha test, and beta is approaching fast.

Easily done, and I have done this many times. Take the Results from the fore
mentioned independent test organizations, then run a scan with SpyCAR and
EICAR, showing that they were detected. Then File the independent tests, and
your logs, this will show any C level executive, first you did due diligence
researching existing products, second you chose a product that withstood
independent review, and finally the detection of the test files on your image
shows it properly installed and functioning. This also impresses auditors,
should you be externally audited.

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