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RE: RE: McAfee 8.0 crashing Dell D620's May 11 2006 01:50PM
Evan Mann (emann pinnaclefinancial com) (1 replies)
Patch 11 didn't fix it on a single machine I tried it on. I was
installing McAfee with patch 11 integrated in fact, crashed instantly.

It's going to be a blame game. McAfee has apparently ran into this
problem before with the Embassy Trust Suite and another product. I
suspect patch 12 or 13 will fix it from McAfee end.

Otherwise, uninstall all of the Embassy Trust Suite, or uninstall the
Document Manager Lite portion of it.

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Mcafee claims it is a Dell issue eventhough they have a workaround

Here you go.

After install the Mcafee, (system will crash)

1. restart the system in safe mode

2. Run Msconfig

3. stop the services

a) Mcafee frame work

b) Network Associates Mcshield

c) Network Associates Task Manager

4. restart the system in normal mode

5. install Mcafee patch 11

It should work fine....

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RE: RE: McAfee 8.0 crashing Dell D620's May 12 2006 12:39AM
pauls utdallas edu


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