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blocking BHX files with MIME May 16 2006 11:53AM
lsi (stuart cyberdelix net) (2 replies) done by filtering for the following string:


This string appears as the first ten bytes of the first line of a BHX
file encoded in MIME (eg. as it appears in an email). So all BHX
files can be filtered by searching for that string.

I forward this info as I've seen some BHX files come in recently
attached to fake bounce messages, I presume its a virus of some kind
but I didn't bother to open one so I couldn't be sure ... of course
if you/your users have a use for BHX attachments, don't block them.

This technique is a variation of that used to block all EXEs, ZIPs
and WMFs previously detailed in this forum and also on the web at
various places, including here:


Stuart Udall
stuart at (at) cyberdelix (dot) dot [email concealed] net -

* Origin: lsi: revolution through evolution (192:168/0.2)

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Re: blocking BHX files with MIME May 17 2006 02:26AM
Nick FitzGerald (nick virus-l demon co uk)
Re: blocking BHX files with MIME May 17 2006 01:33AM
Peter Kosinar (goober ksp sk)


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