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Re: Fwd: Social viruses ? (Hi5, Ringo, etc.) May 27 2006 12:00PM
robertturner cogeco ca
Ringo absolutely sends invitations to your entire address book without your knowledge or consent. Got an "invitation" from my sister (it was actually an invite to "view her latest photo's online", she didn't send the invite and had just gotten the same email from one of her friends. I didn't sign up for it yet was sent my "log-in" information after simply clicking the link to view my sister's photos (there were none obviously), I inputed no information at all yet when I went back to, I was already "logged-in".

This can't be legal??? I have removed myself but don't trust any site that can enter your address book without your consent or that automatically makes you a member by sending an email "supposidly" from a known person.

Can anything be done about this?


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