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New SecurityFocus mailing list: Focus-Apple May 31 2006 04:21PM
Marc Fossi (mfossi securityfocus com) (1 replies)

The Focus-Apple mailing list discusses security involving hardware and software
produced by Apple or that runs on Apple platforms. Discussion may include
security assessment, planning, and implementation for Apple technologies. This
list is meant as an aid to network and systems administrators and security
professionals who are responsible for implementing, reviewing and ensuring the
security of their Apple hosts and applications.

What is appropriate content?

- Discussion of securing Apple hosts in various networked environments,
including but not limited to integration with Active Directory or LDAP-based
- Discussion of securing Apple hardware devices such as Airport base stations
using wireless technology.
- Experiences in securing specific Apple technologies that would prove valuable
to share with the community.
- "How-to" questions surrounding the assessment, implementation, or
configuration of Apple technologies, as they relate to security concerns.
- Discussion of tools and/or products that may assist in auditing, securing,
and/or patching Apple technologies.
- Follow-up discussion of Apple-related vulnerabilities as it relates to
questions about identifying and securing vulnerable hosts and applications.

What is inappropriate content?

- Announcement of security vulnerabilities. (Post this information to Bugtraq)
- Product advertisements.
- Discussion of non-Apple related issues.
- Non-computer/network security related material.
- Discussion of forthcoming product rumours.

How do I subscribe?

Send an email message to focus-apple (at) securityfocus (dot) com. [email concealed] The contents of the
subject or message body do not matter. You will receive a confirmation request
message to which you will have to answer.

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Re: New SecurityFocus mailing list: Focus-Apple May 31 2006 07:57PM
Marc Fossi (mfossi securityfocus com)


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