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Re: blocking BHX files with MIME May 17 2006 06:17PM
lsi (stuart cyberdelix net) (1 replies)
Symantec AV reporting metrics. Jun 03 2006 08:50AM
Serge Vondandamo (serge vondandamo wanadoo fr) (2 replies)

I have been tasked to develop Symantec AV reporting metrics.
The metrics should help provide visual information (graphs, tables, etc) to
Senior management on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis per region
and WW if needed.

I am focusing on providing the followings:

- Number of AV clients per region,
- Number of AV engines, versions, per region,
- Information on AV defs per region, frequency of updates, versions of AV
definitions, age of AV definitions (i.e. two weeks old, two months old, very
old, etc).
- Status of AV clients per region - i.e. auto-protect enabled or disabled,
threat found, old definitions, etc.
- Any other information that will be useful for big boss not interested on
technical data.

I am looking for pointers, idea and suggestion from those who have already
done so; I will not try to re-invent the wheel ;)

Thanks for your inputs.

Serge Vondandamo, HND, CISSP, CCNA.

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Re: Symantec AV reporting metrics. Jun 05 2006 06:50PM
sekure (sekure gmail com)
RE: Symantec AV reporting metrics. Jun 04 2006 09:21PM
Benny Czarny (benny opswat com)


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