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RE: Symantec AV reporting metrics. Jun 09 2006 01:58PM
Ted Senn (ted senn zurichna com) (1 replies)
Installing the reporting server is the start. Unless you have a small
number of clients I would recommend a separate system. The reporting server
is somewhat CPU intensive in my experience.

Each AV server will need to have reporting agents installed on them.
However for testing you can set up the reporting server and only those AV
servers that you want to test with would need the reporting agents
installed. You will need the SAV 10.1 SSC to configure the agents

Yes 10.1 needs to be maintenance patched to and point patched to

Ted Senn
Security Engineer
Distributed Security

"Serge Vondandamo"
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Subject: RE: Symantec AV reporting metrics.
06/08/2006 09:26

Thanks Ted,

If I understand, I just need to install the 10.1 and the reporting server
one of my primary and that is it?

Is there any eval version of it? I will like to test it on my lab first.
BTW, is the 10.1 affected by the recent Symantec products vulnerability?


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Objet : RE: Symantec AV reporting metrics.

I am running Reporting server without any problem on version 10, and 9
servers. The agent installs and reports back to the reporting server. You
may need a special group with 10.1 for the reporting server only, but the
reporting will work with the lower version AV servers ( agent will not
install on NT systems)

Ted Senn
Distributed Security

"Serge Vondandamo"

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Subject: RE: Symantec AV
reporting metrics.
06/05/2006 03:30


Sekure and all,

Thanks but we don't have version 10.1 and unfortunately, I have to find a
way to report with the versions we have. I may suggest to upgrade but that
will not be possible now - IT Ops folks and other IS Managers will be
difficult to convince - given the heavy IT Governance and change process we
have in place.

We currently have version 8 in few sites, version 9 and 10 in the majority
of the sites.

Paul, your pointers are more than welcome!!!


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Objet : Re: Symantec AV reporting metrics.

Symantec Corp AV 10.1 has a reporting server module, which provides
pretty pictures for lots of these metrics.

On 6/3/06, Serge Vondandamo <serge.vondandamo (at) wanadoo (dot) fr [email concealed]> wrote:
> All,
> I have been tasked to develop Symantec AV reporting metrics.
> The metrics should help provide visual information (graphs, tables, etc)
> Senior management on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis per
> and WW if needed.
> I am focusing on providing the followings:
> - Number of AV clients per region,
> - Number of AV engines, versions, per region,
> - Information on AV defs per region, frequency of updates, versions of AV
> definitions, age of AV definitions (i.e. two weeks old, two months old,
> old, etc).
> - Status of AV clients per region - i.e. auto-protect enabled or
> threat found, old definitions, etc.
> - Any other information that will be useful for big boss not interested
> technical data.
> I am looking for pointers, idea and suggestion from those who have
> done so; I will not try to re-invent the wheel ;)
> Thanks for your inputs.
> Regards,
> Serge Vondandamo, HND, CISSP, CCNA.

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RE: Symantec AV reporting metrics. Jun 18 2006 06:10AM
Serge Vondandamo (serge vondandamo wanadoo fr)


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