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Virtualized app environment - Possible testing tool for malware Jun 22 2006 05:01AM
Bill Stout (bill stout greenborder com)
Hi Guys,

We have a pre-GA tool that could become helpful for malware forensics.
I've included a download link and a 30-week license.

934OOY22AEGEK23IO3L6ACO3CK47OKD3 30 week license with 'SafeFile' option

We're working on the activity monitor which monitors access to local
system resources and could use some feedback on what could be useful for
the anti-malware community.

It's categorized in a few ways, some have called it chroot for windows,
some have called it a sandbox, others have called it application
virtualization, or a desktop DMZ. It creates an environment which has
restricted or virtualized access to local system resources, enough for
most applications to run in the environment, but not enough access to
modify the base system. The SafeFile option lets you launch existing
programs or files in the virtual environment. Please read the online
FAQ for more info.

The activity monitor is new, and does not yet give detailed logging

Please send me feedback on your thoughts, and if you find malware able
to break out of the environment.

Bill Stout

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