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New Malware? Jul 20 2006 11:55AM
Bruce Martins (BMartins extend COM) (2 replies)
I had a user who received an e-mail pretending to be from google updates
with a subject line of "New Google Toolbar Released"

The link actually takes them to=20

None of the AV scanners picked this up when downloading the EXE,
perimeter, nor desktop, and even with the latest definitions and scan

The file is called GoogleToolbarFirefox.exe

I am assuming this is some sort of Trojan or exploit of firefox.

Unfortunately the user ran the file as well, has anyone else out there
seen this or know what this may be ? I have submitted the file for
further testing.

Bruce Martins
Information Systems Manager
190 Liberty Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3L5
e:bmartins (at) extend (dot) com [email concealed]
t: (416) 535-4222 ext. 2307
f: (416) 535-1201

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Re: New Malware? Jul 20 2006 03:36PM
Luis Diaz Kaspersky (luis diaz kaspersky com mx)
Re: New Malware? Jul 20 2006 03:04PM
.myke lyons (Myke Lyons cmtww com)


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