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RE: Severe virus - help needed! Oct 23 2006 02:27PM
Beauford, Jason (jbeauford EightInOnePet com)
blueade7 wrote:
> Hi,
> A virus has hit my computer, and I would very much appreciate some
> help in how to deal with it.
> Symptoms started yesterday. My keyboard stopped working (keyboard
> buttons seemed to perform very strange things, like for example,
> opening up calculator, or switching the computer off). The two mouse
> buttons appeared to swap functions sometimes and there were other
> strange problems. I managed to do virus checks with an up to date
> symtanec antivirus and a NON-up to date mcafee antivirus, also ran
> spyware doctor and spybot: search and destroy. Non of these found the
> problem (they came up with a couple of other spyware things, but
> evidently not the problem one). Today the problem has excalated -
> when I switch on my computer it runs for about 3 seconds, then
> reboots, so theres no way of getting to windows.
> For some reason, despite the keyboard not working, when I press esc
> or F1, the blue setup screen comes up. However, I cant do anything
> here anyway as the keyboard doesnt work and theres no mouse cursor.
> Anyone have any idea what this virus is and how I can tackle it?
> Also, I have a lot of important stuff on my computer - would setting
> up my harddisk with another computer enable me to extract the files
> from it?
> Any help would be very much appreciated. (Please bare in mind that I
> am not really a computer man so lehman's terms would be great.)
> Cheers, Andy

Being that you're "not really a computer man" it might be beneficial to
let a pro handle this. However, the fact that you posted to this list
means you must have access to another computer. If that's the case, I'd
recommend downloading and burning the KNOPPIX .ISO image from and booting your PC off the live CD. From there you
will be able to burn your files to a CD, or if you have a USB Drive you
can move them to that drive.

Another idea would be to throw in a second hard drive and make that the
master drive while disconnecting the infected. Install Windows on the
new hard drive, fit it with your favorite AV software, reconnect your
old hard drive, browse for your files and copy them over (run on
sentence?). When you're confident that you have all of the files you
need, simply format the old (infected) drive and use it for storage.

Good luck.


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