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Roman Daszczyszak (romandas gmail com)
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> Subject: How to - Scan a Windows machine for virus from a Linux machine
> Hello,
> Does anyone know an AV program to scan for viruses on remote machines
> (from a Linux machine to several Windows machines on the same LAN), I
> am using CLAMAV for my Linux box but haven't found the way to
> accomplish the stated above. I've hear about Knoppix and F-Prot but
> the Windows machines I would like to scan doesn't have a CD-ROM unit
> nor a floppy unit :( so I really need to scan for viruses over the
> network.
> Each Windows machine have their AV (BitDefender) running and up to
> date and Ad-Ware scheduled to run twice a week. Still I would like to
> offer more protection by running an AV remotely from a dedicated
> machine.
You could try mounting the built-in administrative shares for the
Windows machine on your Linux machine, then scanning the mounted
mount -t cifs -o username=whateveryourwindowsnameis
//windowsmachine/c$ /mnt/share

If you do not provide it a password on the command line, it will
prompt you for one. I believe (but could be wrong) that you must be
root to do this. If there's a way to do it as a regular user, tell me
how. :)


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