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AV Testing Feb 05 2007 08:43AM
Richard Whitworth (richard whitworth brammer biz) (1 replies)

I am in the process of evaluating software from various AV vendors to
roll out across my organisation. The product will be installed on up to
1500 desktops/laptops, around 100 servers including Exchange and ISA

As part of the process I want to measure the impact of the software on
key systems and services. Has anyone gone through this process before
and if so can you provide any tips or testing ideas?

For Exchange database aware AV I was considering using the Exchange Load
Generator utility from MS, however I am not sure how accurately this
will generate loading on the AV software.

I am going to be evaluating F-Secure, NOD32 from ESET, Kaspersky and
McAfee's Enterprise solution. What have people's experiences been with
these products - any good/bad experiences to be aware of?



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RE: AV Testing Feb 05 2007 02:56PM
Evan Mann (emann pinnaclefinancial com) (1 replies)
RE: AV Testing Feb 05 2007 03:58PM
Alex Ackley (alex2 alexackley com)


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