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Virus Oct 12 2006 09:11AM
boonting (boontinglim gmail com) (5 replies)
Re: Virus May 18 2007 09:06PM
nomorevirus (mariatrabajaconcesar gmail com)

Perhaps, this site can help you. ActiveScan is a free online antivirus to
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boonting wrote:
> Hello,
> Please guide me if i post into wrong forum
> My server infected by the following virus:
> Backdoor.Agobot.AGH
> Generic.SerV.DD0DC092
> MemScan:Backdoor.Hacdef.AQ
> Backdoor.Rbot.FFF
> ANy idea, how to clear it ? My company using bitdefender, but it failed to
> disinfect and delete the virus.
> Any removal virus tool can recommend ?
> Your help will be appreciate.

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Re: Virus Oct 14 2006 02:03AM
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Re: Virus Oct 17 2006 06:31PM
brain5ide (brain5ide gmail com)
Re: Virus Oct 13 2006 05:33PM
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Re: Virus Oct 12 2006 07:15PM
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Re: Virus Oct 12 2006 07:13PM
Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers (bugtraq planetcobalt net)


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