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Race to Zero - DefCon 16 contest announcement Apr 25 2008 01:40PM
Race to Zero Organizers (contest racetozero net)
Race-to-Zero - Threat Obfuscation Contest

This is a community announcement for the first Race-to-Zero contest.
Race-To-Zero will be taking place at Defcon 16 and we thought members
of this list may be interested in competing.

The event involves contestants being given a sample set of viruses,
malcode and exploits to modify and upload through the contest portal.
The portal passes the modified samples through a number of antivirus
engines and determines if the sample is a known threat (ala
VirusTotal). The first team (or individual) to pass their sample past
all antivirus engines undetected wins that round. Each round increases
in complexity as the contest progresses.

In addition to the overall winner, awards will be given for other
notable achievements, such as:

- Most elegant obfuscation
- Dirtiest hack of an obfuscation
- Comedy value
- Most deserving of beer
- ....

The judging panel is currently being finalised and will be published
in short order.

If this sounds like your cup of tea then drop us a line at
[contest[ <At> ]racetozero[ <Dot> ]net] and sign up for the fun.

Further details can be found at:

Contest website:
DefCon Official Contests Thread:
DefCon Official Website:

Suggestions or questions are also very welcome, nothing is set in
stone quite yet so if you have ideas be sure to let us know :)

Rich & Si

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