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Mobile malware study Jul 14 2010 06:54AM
mamo (mamo74 gmail com)

I want to study new malware trends on mobile terminal. In particular I
am interested in any malware (spy software, keylogger, GPS tracking,
virus, dialer, etc) that is used or will be used on advanced mobile
phone (windows, symbian, android, iphone, blackberry).

I will have the possibility to setup a lab to test and practice.

Can you give me any pointer (article, web sites, magazine, forum,
google keyword, ;-) ) on the topic?
Any site or pointer with example code would be welcomed (in order to
be able to better understand the practical working and possible
prevention/detection strategy).

Thank you in advance.
I remember an article on hakin9 magazine on the topic, but can't find
it any more...

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