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Updateg Trojan Jan 31 2011 12:06AM
Jay Scalf (jayscalf comcast net) (2 replies)
StartEdLite says one of my computers has Updateg Trojan set to start at
Windows startup. Anyone know anything about this? MalwareBytes, Zone
Alarms, and Emmisoft failed to fine it. How do I locate it and get rid
of it? (The g at the end is not a typo.) StartEdLite says it messes with
the clock. I can't Goggle anything specific - please help.

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Re: Updateg Trojan Mar 01 2011 06:43AM
wt521125 (wt521125 yahoo com cn)
Re: Updateg Trojan Jan 31 2011 12:55PM
Nagareshwar Talekar (tnagareshwar gmail com)


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