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Let's start over Feb 01 2011 03:46AM
Jay Scalf (jayscalf comcast net) (2 replies)
Dave ultimately had the answer for "updateg", but let me ask further, if
I may: I normal maintain 3 computers and don't have a lot of problems.
(I started in college on Cobol (is that how you spell it?) and Fortran
over 40 years ago, learned to program in DOS and C in the 80's, and of
all Windows, still prefer XP) The machine in question is a 7 year old
machine given to me by my best friend's widow. He first thought he had a
Trojan or a virus affecting the clock. I suggested the battery. He went
to the Geeks at Best Buy and they sold him a new battery, put the old
one back in and told him he needed a new hard drive - then sold him a
new computer and charged $100 extra to move his data from the old to new
machine. (Unbelievable, eh?) When I got home with it about 10 days ago,
I put his new battery in it, ran all sorts of hardware tests, and I
can't find anything wrong with it. Still, because of his first
impression that it is infected, I am still running various scans. So -
anyone ever heard of a virus or whatever that messes with the clock or
somehow drains the clock battery? If he was right I would like to find
and remove whatever. As I am beginning to feel pretty good about its PC
state of health overall, if I don't find something in a couple of days,
I will finish cleaning his personal stuff off of it and load my stuff.

BTW: Thanks to everyone for their responses regarding "updateg" - lots
of good information.

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Re: Let's start over Feb 01 2011 05:33PM
Eric (naisanza gmail com) (2 replies)
Re: Let's start over Feb 02 2011 09:16AM
David Ford (david blue-labs org)
Re: Let's start over Feb 01 2011 05:41PM
Jay Scalf (jayscalf comcast net) (1 replies)
Re: Let's start over Feb 02 2011 09:34AM
Gmail (fhlipzero gmail com) (1 replies)
RE: Let's start over Feb 02 2011 12:01PM
Synja (synja synfulvisions com)
Re: Let's start over Feb 01 2011 03:51PM
David H. Lipman (DLipman verizon net) (1 replies)
Re: Let's start over Feb 01 2011 04:13PM
Jay Scalf (jayscalf comcast net)


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