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Re: Let's start over Feb 03 2011 04:43AM
David Ford (david blue-labs org) (1 replies)
not in the slightest. i have only insulted you (and the geek squad). ethical persons and companies charge a reasonable rate for the time they put in. you are like the person that runs a nessus scan at the absolute highest logging rate and gives the customer a two inch thick printout and calls it a penetration test.

i have no problems with anyone that provides service to others. i have problems with those who take advantage of circumstance to extort their customer.

On 02/02/11 13:27, Eric wrote:
> You sir have not only insulted yourself (if applicable), me, but
> anyone who has ever helped save someone's data from their dead hard
> disk. Thank you.

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Re: Let's start over Feb 03 2011 02:14PM
Jay Scalf (jayscalf comcast net)


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