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It will work? an idea Apr 24 2011 08:36AM
learnmsfre gmail com (3 replies)
Hi Everyone!

I have an idea to share with you guys to know whether it can be implemented or not?

Idea is, people write exploits for discovered public vulnerabilities, and infect target system which is not yet patched. If vendor release patch and client install released vendor patch or third party, then exploit is outdated for that particular system. And we can write more than one exploit for single vulnerability. Everybody use MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and we have a finite number of vulnerabilities in these two software, and a number of exploits can be written based on these public vulnerabilities. So, idea is to develop an open source HIDS that defeat vulnerabilities based exploits. Initial focus is on MS Office, Adobe Acrobat because these are commonly used software and if we are able to defeat client side attacks targeting these two software, it would be a remarkable achievement and this HIDS would benefit community by protecting client side attacks in these commonly used software. So:

1- It will benefit community?

2- To what level idea is practical?



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RE: It will work? an idea Apr 28 2011 06:32AM
IT_H_Security (IT_H_Security MahindraSatyamBPO com) (1 replies)
Re: It will work? an idea Apr 28 2011 09:07AM
Vivek P Nair (iamherevivek gmail com)
RE: It will work? an idea Apr 26 2011 05:11PM
Omar Salvador Alcalá Ruiz (oalcala scitum com mx) (1 replies)
Re: It will work? an idea Apr 27 2011 10:27AM
Alex Vargas (vargasa gmail com)
Re: It will work? an idea Apr 26 2011 12:07PM
Nick FitzGerald (nick virus-l demon co uk)


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